Boost Your Writing With Welford Writes

October 17, 2007

This would be a follow up post on my previous article about improving your writing skills. But, before I continue, let me first apologize to all of my readers because I rare my posts in last few days. Reason is my regular job which took me over 16 hours daily while preparing one ongoing project for release. I hope you’ll take this in consider and find the place in your hearts for forgiveness.

Now, let’s get back to the subject.

If you are writing a blog, and unless you are damn good or even professional writer, you’ll notice that your blog is filled up with similar phrases or sentences. And what’s worst, those sentences probably aren’t looking as pretty as those written by professional writers or journalists. Don’t hate your self because of that, because it’s something to be expected from an ordinary blogger, like you and me. Lucky for us, there are people professionally involved into writing which are willing to help us improve our writing skills, mostly for free.

One of those people is John Welford of Welfordwrites. As he explains in his blog, he will help people with their writing by taking their text and editing it, by which he means, sorting out all their mistakes in grammar, phrasing and everything else. You should check his blog and actually see what he has in mind. Few examples of his assistance show how brilliantly he’s doing it. He offers his help for free unless it’s something more extensive in which case you’ll need to check his website.

Anyhow, take some time to visit and don’t forget to bookmark his page, because you most certainly will come in situation which will require his services. Since he’ll probably do it for free it would be real shame to waste it.

Again, thank you all for visiting. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I sure would love to hear your opinion about John’s blog.

Until next time have a great life.