Why McLaren, Why?

September 14, 2007

Formula 1 McLaren Team Racing Car 

I was driving to my work’s office this morning when I’ve heard the news on the radio about McLaren’s team (Formula 1 Racing) being thrown out of the world championship. Immediately after I’ve sat at my desk, Google gave me first article about it at Times Online:

“… Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren team have sensationally been excluded from the 2007 Formula One world championship and fined 100 million dollars (£50 million) as punishment over the Ferrari spying scandal.

The decision by the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council (WMSC), meeting in Paris today, effectively hands the constructors’ title to Ferrari but as it punishes only the team and not individual drivers, therefore keeps alive Lewis Hamilton’s dream of winning the world title in his debut season …”click here for full article.

After all these years watching Ferrari being the leader on F1 tracks, outperforming other constructors big time,  and finally got that changed in last three years while F1 races were becoming far more interesting, McLaren’s team decided to throw it all down to the sink this year, by making this ridiculous move. Why McLaren, why?

Not only they have wiped out their results for this season, but their participating in next season is also going to be considerated by WMSC, at the end of this year. I don’t think that 100 million dollars fine is making big scratch for McLaren’s team, but as in most cases lake this, the worst punishment is experienced by F1 fans, small people, like you and me. Let’s just hope that over the time Formula 1 Racing won’t lose more of its edge and make it tedious to watch.

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