One Thousand Secrets Revealed

October 2, 2007

In my search for books from which I would learn more about writing and further improve my writing skills, I’ve found one which won’t really serve that purpose but might be quite interesting for everyone. Its been written exactly 100 years ago by C.A. Bogardus and it’s called One Thousand Secrets [Of Wise And Rich Man] Revealed. The one I was reading is in .PDF format and you can download it here. 

I am not professional reviewer so I’m just going to pull out few paragraphs which might give you the taste of what’s really inside.  

It’s not an artistic reading than more a sort of living manual. Most of content is well pointed and easy to understand. I think everyone should keep one copy of this book in their private libraries (paper or digital). Now, let’s check some of those parts which might make you interested in reading whole thing.

Medical advices

“ … BLEEDING FROM THE NOSE, from whatever cause, may generally be stopped by putting a plug of lint into the nostrils; if this does not do, apply a cold lotion to the forehead; raise the head, and place over it both arms, so that it will rest on the hands; dip the lint plug, slightly moistened, into some powdered Gum Arabic, and plug the nostrils again; or dip the plug into equal parts of powdered Gum Arabic and alum, and plug the nose. Or the plug may be dipped in Friar’s balsam, or tincture of Kino. Heat should be applied to the feet; and, in obstinate cases, the sudden shock of a cold key, or cold water poured down the spine, will instantly stop the bleeding. If the bowels are confined take a purgative. Injections of alum solution from a small syringe into the nose will often stop hemorrhage.

VIOLENT SHOCKS will sometimes stun a person, and he will remain unconscious. Untie strings, collars, etc.; loosen anything that is tight, and interferes with the breathing; raise the head; see if there is bleeding from any part; apply smelling salts to the nose, and hot bottles to the feet.

IN CONCUSSION, the surface of the body is cold and pale, and the pulse weak and small, the breathing slow and gentle, and the pupil of the eye generally contracted or small. You can get an answer by speaking loud, so as to rouse the patient. Give a little brandy and water, keep the place quiet, apply warmth, and do not raise the head too high. If you tickle the feet, the patient feels it.

IN COMPRESSION OF THE BRAIN from any cause, such as apoplexy, or a piece of fractured bone pressing on it, there is loss of sensation. If you tickle the feet of the injured person he does not feel it. You cannot arouse him so as to get an answer. The pulse is slow and labored; the breathing deep, labored, and snorting; the pupil enlarged.Raise the head, loosen strings or tight things, and send for a surgeon. If one cannot be got at once, apply mustard poultices to the feet and thighs, leeches to the temples, and hot water to the feet.CHOKING. When a person has a fish bone in the throat, insert the forefinger, press upon the root of the tongue, so as to induce vomiting; if this does not do, let him swallow a large piece of potato or soft bread; and if these fail, give a mustard emetic.

FAINTING, HYSTERICS, ETC. Loosen the garments, bathe the temples with water or eau-de-Cologne; open the window, admit plenty of fresh air, dash cold water on the face, apply hot bricks to the feet, and avoid bustle and excessive sympathy. … “ 

Few cosmetic recipes

“ … LIQUID FOR CURLING THE HAIR. Two ounces scrapings oilead, half ounce Litharge, one-quarter ounce Gum Camphor. Boil all in one pint of soft water for half an hour. Let it cool; pour off liquid and add to it one drachm Rosemary Flowers. Boil all again and strain, when it is ready for use. Apply about once a week.

HAIR OIL- One gallon Cologne Spirits, 90 per cent proof, one pint Castor Oil, one ounce Oil Cinnamon. Mix well and it is ready for use.

POWDER FOR THE COMPLEXION. Half ounce Tincture of Elder Blossoms, half ounce Beef Marrow, half pint Orange Flower Water, one Cassia Buds, two ounces Bitter Almonds, four drachms Spirits Oriental Roses. Mix, and apply it in the evening and wash it off in the morning.

PASTE TO PRODUCE WHISKERS. One ounce of Oil of Paricada, two ounces Southern Wood Bark, one ounce Dog’s Lard. Fry over a slow fire until it forms a paste. Apply to the face once a day until the whiskers begin to grow.

TO CLEAN THE TEETH. Castile Soap and Cigar Ashes applied with a soft rag is one of the best tooth preparations known.

TO MAKE THE HAIR SOFT AND GLOSSY. One pint Alcohol, four ounces Castor Oil. Mix, and flavor with Bergamot. Apply frequently with the hands.

TO REMOVE FRECKLES. Use Oxolate of Copper Ointment.

HAIR TONIC. Sugar of Lead five grains, Sulphate Quinine two grains, Muriat of Ammonia one drachm, Glycerine six ounces, Distilled Water six ounces. Mix and apply two or three times per day.

HAIR DYES. NO. 1. Distilled Water six ounces, Alcohol one ounce, Pyrogalic Acid one drachm. The Acid must be dissolved in the Alcohol before the water is added.

NO. 2. Aqua Ammonia one ounce, Water one ounce, Nitrate of Silver two drachms. Dissolve the Silver in water and add the Ammonia. Cork tight and keep in a cool place. … “ 

Chemistry lessons

“ … HOW TO IMITATE GOLD. Take the following metals and melt them in a covered crucible; sixteen ounces Virgin Platina, twenty-four ounces pure copper.

SILVER. Forty ounces Nickel, twenty ounces Copper, thirty ounces Block Tin.

ARTIFICIAL GOLD. Sixteen parts of Virgin Platina and seven parts Copper and one of Zinc. Put these in a crucible with powdered charcoal, and melt them together till the whole forms a mass, and are thoroughly incorporated together. This also makes a gold of extraor dinary beauty and value. It is not possible by any tests that chemists know of to distinguish it from pure virgin gold. All I ask of men is to use it for good and lawful purposes, for the knowledge that I here give you will bring you a rich and permanent reward without using it for unlawful purposes.

MANHEIM, OR JEWELER’S GOLD. Three parts of Copper, one part of Zinc, and one part of Block Tin. If these are pure and melted in a covered crucible containing charcoal, the resemblance will be so good the best judges cannot tell it from pure gold without analyzing it.

BEST PINCHBACK GOLD. Five ounces of pure Copper and one ounce of Zinc. This makes gold so good in appearance that a great deal of deception by its use in the way of watches and jewelry has been successfully practiced for several hundred years back. … “ 

[Gems Of Thought] Poor Richard’s Almanac

“ … Early to bed and early to rise Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Women and wine, game and deceit, Make the wealth small and the wants great.

Beware of little expenses; A small leak will sink a great ship;

For age and want, save while you may, No morning sun lasts a whole day…“ 

These are only fractions of everything you might find in this book, so don’t hesitate to look inside. Have in mind that book has been written 100 years ago, so don’t be surprised if some words used are looking funny. I hope you’ll like it cause I find it very useful.

And please leave your comments, because they are much appreciated.

Until my next post, have a great life.