About OneMansGoal Dot Com

October 9, 2007

Every once in a while we end up reading a story about someone’s success made online. Would it be an accident or intentionally driven project, it doesn’t mater. Most important thing is that they all came from ordinary people, like you and me. We all find it very interesting because it gives us a hope that we too could live to wait for similar experience. 

But, over the time we get kind of tired of those stories and they become something regular and not so interesting any more. 

OneMansGoal is one of these stories, but what makes it different from all previously read is that this story is at its very own beginning. Barely 4 months old, his blog talks about the man with the goal “… to make viable source of income by harnessing the power of net [Internet] …”. Why we should care about, one might say. Well, let me tell you. All those success stories you’ve read about in the past were just a news stories to you. No specific benefit to take from it. But this story, since it’s at its own beginning, allows you to join the ride and if nothing else, to actually learn how to build one of your own. 

Now, let me say few words about his project.  

He managed to earn $427 from his blog in the last month (September – third month of his blog existence), what makes slightly above $1000 together with previous two months. This sounds pretty good to me. Considering that he has 9 more months to achieve his goal, I’m pretty sure he’ll succeed. 

Blog’s design is cool, but I am sure it could be done better. Since it’s supposed to make some serious money I would suggest him to make it look like it’s actually worth of it. 

As a blogger, you’ll find a waste of useful tips and advices through its content. How to optimize your blog, how to monetize your blog, how to drive more traffic to it, and so on. But, if you are in a search for some artistic reading, don’t expect to find it over there. After all, this blog is strictly intended for money making, so most of its content is driven that way. Anyhow, I believe its worth of checking for anybody. 

Finally, I would like to invite you all to join this ride and to give Bryan all of the necessary support, which he truly will need, along his journey.  I’m already doing it. Are you going to join me? 

That’s all for today. Thank you for dropping by and please leave your comments because they are much appreciated. 

Until my next post, have a great life.


GearedOut Blog – Man With The Mission

September 18, 2007

Looks like we have a first Blog Love member. It’s GearedOut Blog – Man With The Mission, how I like to call it.

As promised, I’ve made a visit to this blog and read all of its articles. Yes, all of it, but not because I am super fast reader than because this is just a startup blog and there were only three posts at the time of writing this article. Site is running on WordPress and it looks pretty good (as it should be).

It’s hard to judge its content because there is very few of it. Posts could have been written as longer, but anyhow, their point is pretty much clear. As already said, I’ve appended its title with a Man With The Mission, because two of those three posts are aimed at some major global issues and they show some good criticism. I won’t describe here what they are all about, because if you are interested you’ll visit them by your self.

Blog has real domain name what already makes it standing out of a crowd of wordpress, blogger and other subdomained blogs (like mine). Small amount of advertisements is showing that this blog is intended for blogging not just making money online in any possible way.

So, if I would need to estimate it, in a scale from 1 – 10, for startup blog, I would give it 8. And I wish a success to their blog.

That would be all folks.

If you have any comments please leave them below.

Thanks again for visiting and have a great life.

Why Not Spread Some Blog Love

September 17, 2007

Ok. I’m in a very good mood today so I’ve decided to spread some love to my readers.

Opposite to what most of bloggers are trying, getting as much traffic as possible, I am going to give some traffic to blogs owned by my visitors. More precisely, anybody who leaves a comment for this specific post will receive following:

1) Review article about their blog in my Blog Love section.

2) Link to their blog in my Blogroll section.

3) Comments for interesting posts I would find in their blog.

4) Submission of most interesting post I would find to del.icio.us and Digg.

5) Some clicks to their advertisements.

I think it should be interesting and most of all it’s free. Actually it’s not really free, you need to leave a comment to get it. 

This is going to be done for every comment found in this post. Please have in mind that I am working alone so don’t be impatient if I wouldn’t respond to your comment immediately, because I assure you I will do that eventually. I don’t expect much visitors and I could do at least a dozen of blogs per day so you shouldn’t really be worried about it.

Enough said. Let’s see what happens.