It’s Good To Be Busy

Last 14 days I haven’t wrote even one single post at this blog. One might say I’ve finally made a common mistake all bloggers do –raring their articles over the time. Well, I sure owe you an apology but since you’re not here in order to listen lousy excuses let me explain what actually had happen. 

Thing is I was quite busy (and still am) with my regular job, but beside that I have started brand new, you could say money making, blog and I’m proud to say it’s performing pretty well. It’s been live for two weeks already (as you see, parallel with the idle period of this blog) and already have 5 RSS subscribers, around 30 unique visitors daily and I even made $0.30 already (hehe). It’s a free blog running on Blogger platform. I won’t tell you its URL because I think it’s too early to brag with it. 

Anyhow, I’ve managed to organize my time with this new blog and now I am going to continue to write on this personal blog of mine. So, come back soon. 

Thank you for your patience and until my next post, have a great life.


3 Responses to It’s Good To Be Busy

  1. simon says:

    welcome back and don’t stop cause very hard start again…

  2. ioncenter says:

    @ simon:

    I don’t plan to stop. Just I’ll spread my self over more then one blog. I want to experiment and pick those which would show as best performing. Of course, I’ll keep this one no matter of it’s performance because it’s my first born 🙂

    Anyhow, it’s good to hear those words of support. Thanks.

  3. Susan Suarez says:

    I recommend, contacting all your reader sites to let them know you are ‘active’ again! 🙂

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