Golden Rule Of IT – Backup Your Data

Last night, when I came home and sat down to check the situation with my blog, I’ve pressed power button of my laptop to turn it on, but to my surprise, nothing happened. Huh. $2000 worth equipment had failed down on me. First thing that fall to my mind was: When did I back up my work last time? Hell, I didn’t do it since August. Cold sweat. Let’s give it another try. Nothing. Ok, these things tend to happen with notebooks so I’ve decided to try to reconnect the battery. Power button again and there it works. It was just my pure lack that this wasn’t real malfunction. I could end up loosing all my work for last two months. Trust me when I say, it’s a lot of work. 

No mater if you are an IT professional or not, backing up of your data is a must, unless you don’t care about consequences. All those files are results of time spent at your keyboard and it would be real shame to loose them without the possibility of restoring it in case of any trouble.  

Depending on the type of your work and how often you change your information, you should consider doing backup every few months, once in a month, once per week, every day or even more often but that would be some extreme situation. When prepared, backup could be stored at another PC, network storage disk, CD or DVD.  

Situation is same with blogs. You should backup all your articles and comments too, because they contain valuable information. 

If you are running your blog with your own [paid] hosting service, then they provide you with the way to download and backup complete content of your website. 

But, if you are running your blog with one of those free platforms, situation is little bit different. I’ve been checking WordPress and Blogger in order to find out if they offer any backup options with their free service.  

Guys at WordPress are claiming that they backup data hourly but if you want to back it up on your own there is Export section under the Manage link on your blog’s Dashboard. Exported blog is in XML format and they don’t recommend you to use it often because it requires a lot of resources to create that backup file. Here is the complete article about it.  

Blogger on the other hand don’t have an export or download function than its providing these instructions for creating single file with all your posts. 

But, simplest thing to do would be to crate a copy for every article you would wrote on your PC and then, every once a while burn new articles on CD or DVD. It requires some time to backup existing articles if your blog is already running for some time and if you haven’t do it before. But, once you do it, all work comes down to backup of one single article immediately after it’s published. And it’s saved in friendly format rather then in XML or something else for what you’d need proper software to use it later.

I hope this article gives you usable information. If you would have any additional questions or comments please leave them below.  

Thank you for dropping by and until my next post, have a great life.  


2 Responses to Golden Rule Of IT – Backup Your Data

  1. Mike says:

    I recently had a similar problem with my laptop. It was dead, no power at all. Lucky for me I had only recently purchased it and did not have much info on it. I store all my data on a USB disk that I bring everywhere with me so if I have the time I can continue working on whatever pc is near me, be it work PC, Home PC or my Laptop. It is a very handy way of keeping info saved and at hand when I need it.


  2. ioncenter says:

    @ Mike:

    Yes. USB disk is great thing. I have just purchased one few days ago (2.5″, 120GB, WD).

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