How Take The Benefit From Your Free WordPress Blog

Maybe you don’t know, but WordPress won’t allow you to use any sort of advertisements on your blog, if your blog is hosted with their free service. So, at the startup, basic source of income from blogging is withheld to you. Considering this, I was wondering if there are any benefits, you might get from your free WordPress blog, besides letting people know about your existence. I was searching around the net, asking for help, but haven’t received any proper answer. Until now.

Actually, it wasn’t a straight answer to my question but better said, a moment of enlighten. I was checking one of my favorite bloggs, Bryan Clark’s OneMansGoal, and there was one interesting article, Make Money Online With Multiple Blogs – Free!, a guest post written by Joe from BONTB. You are free to go and read the whole article, but I want to draw your attention to one specific part of that article which gave me the idea about how to take some benefit from your free WordPress blog. Here is the interesting part:

“…As many of you know iPod Touch just came out. So what I did was write a couple of articles about it on my personal blog and just waited for Google Analytics to show me what keywords have been used to access those articles. I notice two keywords popping up quite frequently: “ipod touch tricks and ipod touch tips” …”

Bam! It hit me like a stroke of lightning. If you still don’t get it, here is the thing: when you write free blog at WordPress, you are able to check your blog’s traffic stats, and among other things, those stats will show how many visits your blog made from specific search query (go to your Dashboard, click on Blog Stats, and at the bottom of that page is Search Engine Terms link). Beside WordPress Dashboard, you could use Google Analytics, as described in noted article, to watch those stats. And, beside WordPress blogs, this could be used for any other blog, no mater which platform it runs on.

Next thing to do would be to find the most often used search query and base the subject of your new money making blog on that term. Easiest thing to do would be to use Blogger’s free service, create a blog, ad advertisements to that blog and wait for money to come in. I guess that I don’t have to remind you that you’ll also need to maintain that blog as any other if you want to make it successful.

Anyhow, I find this to be a great opportunity, don’t you?

If you would have any questions or comments about this article, please leave them below and I’ll be more then happy to respond.

Until my next post, have a great life.


3 Responses to How Take The Benefit From Your Free WordPress Blog

  1. bontb says:

    Exactly !
    Thanks for linking back to me, yes and let me tell you that is still making me $5-$10 per day! I must say that I almost get more traffic to that 1 old blog then to my 7 months old blog.

    Over 1500 visitors per day !!!

    I am trying to find out any other niche quick blogs but i had not time yet.

    PS if you would like to do guest blogging let me know!

    I subscribed to your rss feeds 🙂

  2. ioncenter says:

    @ bontb:

    First of all let me thank you for dropping by. I’ve rared my posts here because I spend more time with my other blogs, which I am trying to make more producitve. These are still experimentall blogs, but I must say I am very satisfy with results. Anyhow, I’m pleasantly surprised with your visit.

    Second, I’m glad to have you in my subscribers list. I’ll try to keep you interested in this blog. BTW, I’ve also subscribed to your email list at BONTB.

    And finally, thanks again for stoping by and hope to hear from you again soon.

    P.S. I’d be happy to do some guest blogging, but honestly, I don’t have any experience with it, so I would please you to send me some proposal/requirements for that, if possible.

  3. One of the most effective ways of driving traffic to a blog is often a banner exchange that shares the same genere. This is the source of a large number of repeat visitors when quality content is presented.

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