What To Write About When You Have Nothing To Write About

I’m going to use this article to create a reminder, primarily for me, but then for all of you involved in blog writing. As already said so many times, if you are a blogger you need to keep nearly constant posting frequency, if you don’t want to disappoint your readers. Truth is that this is sometimes really hard to achieve. Experienced bloggers have found the way out of this trouble. I’ve done a small research on the subject and below you have compiled list of hints, about what to write when you have nothing to write about.

  • Check your comments and get idea for new post from there.
  • Write about why you have nothing to say.
  • Think towards the future, because everyone loves a little speculation.
  • Check out other bloggs in your community and try to find interesting subject to write about.
  • Create a contest.
  • Find interesting book, read it and write review about it.
  • Compile a list of links to interesting posts you have found and wrap it up with small introduction text.
  • Create a survey – ask a question.
  • If you happen to know someone from public life, do an interview with that person.
  • Find interesting article in local newspapers and write it in your own words (or just copy it).
  • Look in your archives and do a remake of one of your old articles.
  • Check your email and look for interesting questions from your readers.
  • Look at YouTube or any other video sharing site, find interesting video, post it and comment about it.
  • Find interesting website, explore it and write review about it.
  • Post interesting picture and if you feel you should, wrap it up with some text.
  • Create a Top list of your choice of pictures, videos, jokes, quotes etc.

I am going to update this list every once awhile with new ideas. Some of ideas are taken from other bloggs and far now, those are following:

The Blog Beat
John Chow’s Blog

More interesting articles about the subject:

Eliminate “Writer’s Block” Forever

If you would have any comments or new ideas, please leave them below.

Thank you all for visiting and until my next post, have a great life.


One Response to What To Write About When You Have Nothing To Write About

  1. simon says:

    i have to note these points when i get my mental blocj

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