StumbleUpon – Definitely A Good Choice

Today I’ve finally found the time to download and install StumbleUpon’s toolbar. Far now I’ve read other people opinions about this service, or better said, social bookmarking in a new suite, and I was assuming its probably just another copycat in large sea of similar attempts. How surprised I was only couple of minutes after actually laying my hands on it. Yeah, it really does rock. 

There is a bunch of articles about this service out there, so I won’t repeat their content here. Everything you need to know about StumbleUpon can be found on their website.  

Beside common usage and all those standard services, what I’ve liked the most is the ability to surf and discover new websites without using any of search engines than simply clicking the button on StumbleUpon’s toolbar. What’s worst, first dozen of websites stumbled (how they like to say for visited) were amazing. I can’t wait to continue using it tomorrow. And you don’t get just any websites, than websites belonging to categories you have previously selected and approved. From now on, it’s one of my primary tools. 

Enough said, go there, register, install their toolbar and start to use this service. Believe me you’ll be thanking me afterward. 

And that would be all for tonight. Thank you all for visiting and please leave your comments because they are much appreciated. 

Until my next post, have a great life.


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