What Is Wrong With Those Managers

If you have read my About page, you’ve noticed that I am in IT business for last 10 years. Currently I am working as project manager and developers team leader. Our company is not so big and we don’t have place for all those titles, so my job, among few other things,  is to manage projects, clients, potential partners and on the other side to work with developers all the way down to the final solutions.  

As some of you probably know, worst thing to deal with would be a client. Why? Well, in most cases they are people who don’t have a clue about IT industry, but they want to take benefit of it. And when time comes to find the best solution for their needs, work can easily become a real nightmare. But, if you take this in consider at the start of every project, there is no problem any more. You know that your job is to read their minds and as soon as you understand that it becomes a real routine. 

On the other hand, your potential partners are people who are already working in IT industry. It happens that you have fond mutual interest with them and you need to take the benefit of that. You assume that since they are in IT industry, it will be easy to communicate since they are already in the business and they should know the job. Sometimes, you send simple tech requirements and then you wait for their confirmation in order to continue with your work. Since it’s quite simple you expect to have an immediate answer from developer on the other side so you could wrap things up. But heck, instead of developer, you got letter from their manager which doesn’t write anything specific then is trying to translate what their developers have said to him about those requirements. And here is where real nightmare begins. You are talking to middle man, who is maybe little bit above of your clients with its knowledge about development. What happens? You end up exchanging waste of emails trying to find same language with their developers. And while days are passing by, project is on hold. What’s wrong with those managers? Why they want to make things difficult for everyone while trying to justify existence of their title?

This is exact situation that is happening to me with an ongoing project and I have already lost more then a week while determining specific requirements with our potential partner. It pissed me of this morning when I saw email from their manager which actually, doesn’t say anything specific again. Why the heck he don’t have one of developers manage this. I can’t give you real facts about this project, but I assure you it’s stupid to waste a week on it. Like you build a whole website, but you must wait now to get client’s contact info before you can release it online. We have prepared everything for less then 24 hours and we just need their confirmation in order to let it go live.

Anyhow, this is not the only case like this, but this one made me write this article.  I’ve decided that from now on, I will treat our potential partners same way I treat our clients – as average people who probably don’t know much about the business. This way I will avoid unnecessary tensions because somebody didn’t done what it’s supposed to do. And you know what? I am already calming down while bringing this article to the end.

Anybody else having similar experience?

Again, thanks for dropping by and please leave your comments because they are much appreciated.

Until next post, have a great life.


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