September Summary or Blogging From Newbie’s Point Of View

Since most of other bloggers are doing it, I’ve also decided to do a monthly check point on my blog’s progression. Thus, my blog is only 2 weeks old, I’ve decided to do this now, at the end of month, because everybody else is doing it at this time and I wanted to go alongside with them. This way I can always compare my blog’s performance with them and see if I am really making any progress. So, here are some figures about my blog’s performance for last month (September ’07). 


0 (zero). But don’t be afraid. This blog isn’t yet supposed to bring any money and it doesn’t use any source of income. I didn’t want to waste precious time on implementing ads and similar stuff because at this point, it wouldn’t bring any significant income and I still need to work on my blog’s content. My main occupation is to write articles, what is pretty hard and time consuming at the start. Hopefully, over the time this blog will get significant amount of readers and then I will work on implementation of money making tools. 


Last couple of days I have about a dozen of regular readers, with jumps at around 50 visitors when submitting articles to digg and (I didn’t submit every article). I am also going to check StumbleUpon today and probably sign up with them at the same time. Hopefully, it will make these jumps in number of visitors go higher. I believe that most of my regular readers are guys from my Blogroll section, which I love and respect and very much appreciate their support. So, comparing to other blogs performance for the first month, this looks pretty solid to me. 

RSS Subscribers 

Since I have just yesterday subscribed with FeedBurner I don’t have a clue if I had any RSS subscribers far now, because I weren’t able to track them down. But I am sure I got one since today (me) and I hope this number will grow in the next month. I wonder what it will look like at the 1st November. 

Goals For Next Month 

When setting their goals for upcoming month, bloggers are giving clear figures about income, readers, subscribers and everything else they might mention. Frankly, I don’t have a clue what I could expect in the next month so I won’t set any goals in form of size of income or number of visitors. I am going to concentrate mainly on improvement of my self, my writing and further content of this blog, and results should come eventually. So, compiled list of my goals for next month looks as follows:

– write at least one article per day

– submitting articles to digg,, stumbleupon

– expand my blogroll section, make more friends

– search for new blogs and concentrate on commenting

– customize the template of this blog (redesign it)

– involve my wife into articles writing (spice up the content of this blog) 


Things are starting to roll for this blog, I am pretty sure, and as already said I am starting to feel as a part of this (blogging) community. Great feeling and it gives me the strength to continue with more intensity. I am just a newbie and I learn as I go. I know there is large number of tools and techniques for getting more traffic but I want to go slowly and don’t want to skip any important lessons along this path. Hopefully, results should come eventually and further improve performance of this blog. 

Thank you all for visiting and please leave your comments because they are much appreciated. 

Until my next post, have a great life. 


3 Responses to September Summary or Blogging From Newbie’s Point Of View

  1. Hey, this is really a great post. I think you’ve got the key components of success nailed. TOo many people want to make money NOW, and don’t give the blog time to grow and develop. I have 2 blogs, the “money” blog that you visit, for which I am taking the same approach you describe above.

    The other blog I’ve had for 3 years, it’s got it’s own following & PR 5 google rank. I never started it to be populra or make money, but 3 years of consistent writing in my field lands me on the first page of google for scores of keywords, I get first page hits for current topics within 1 day of writing a current topic post. I am just starting to monetize that blog.

    Success comes in time. I fyou don’t love blogging you won’t continue and neither you nor your readers will be fulfilled. Keep up the great blogging, AND, I subscribed to your RSS feed.


  2. ioncenter says:

    @ adventurebear:

    Yes. I’ve already learned that success comes in time if you keep up the good work. Most important thign is that, as you have confirmed in this comment, it applies for blogging too. Also, I am glad that someone confirmed that I am on right track.

    Again, thank you for dropping by and I really appreciate your support.

    And thanks for subscribing to my RSS feed.

  3. Also added to this week’s Sunday SEven. BTW, not sure why I stay logged into your site as “adventurebear”, it’s Suzanne. But it’s toomuch hassle to log out then retype my info.


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