It’s My Birthday

Today is my 32nd birthday. Geesh… 

What can I say? It’s hard to squeeze 32 years of life into one paragraph, but I don’t want to bother you with common things which most of you had already done and if I would want to tell you about something really interesting from my life, I would write a whole post about it. Considering everything I’ve passed through one can say those years were much interesting. Military high school; air force; a war; leaving military and transforming into civilian; few different jobs while trying to manage on the new ground; teaching kids as most beautiful job I’ve ever had;  marriage; daughter; IT management. And, I’m looking forward to new adventures. Still, I do feel like I’m at 25. Hehe… 

I remember one episode of Friends, when Joey was celebrating his 30te birthday. He was quite screwed with the fact that he is leaving his twenties and entering his thirties.  I don’t even remember how I was feeling at my 30te birthday. Anyhow, today I feel great. I have beautiful wife and three years old daughter and I’m enjoying my life with them. I have best job man could have in this country. I have best boss and best coworkers (trust me when I say so, because I’ve been moving around a lot, meeting all kind of people so I can judge them pretty good). 

There is a lot more left to be done but I’m solving one thing at the time. And I still do things which I was doing in my twenties. Except chasing chicks. But frankly, if I even would do that, I wouldn’t say it here where my wife could read about it, or somebody else who might then tell that to her. 

I’m sorry I can’t offer you with a cake through this blog, but if there is anything else I might do for you, in the spirit of this celebration, please write a comment about it. I will be more then happy to meet your needs (if it’s something that can be done). 

Thanks again for visiting and have a great life. 

P.S. Anybody else celebrating today?


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  1. ioncenter says:

    @ simon:

    Thank you.

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