Improve Your Writing Skills

No matter at what level your writing skills are, you should always work on their improvement. Especially bloggers, which should consider doing this on an every day basis. Since I want to become a serious blogger this applies for me too. So, I’ve took some time to search the Internet for writing in English improvement tips. And here are the most important I have found:


I believe this one is most important. Read as many English books, newspapers and magazines as you can find. See how famous writers are using English in their writings and learn from them.


Best resources for this, which I could think of, are English-speaking radio stations. You can find a lot of those on Internet and listen to them for free.


Talk to friends who are also learning English. Find native English-speaking people who will give you conversation practice. Talk to tape or voice recorder and then listen your performance. This way you could easily notice and correct your pronunciation.


I find this most important so I couldn’t resist to mention it one more time.

Also recommended but requires that you leave your desk:

No time to loose, so I am going to follow these tips immediately. As you probably expect, first thing I am going to do tomorrow is to visit the library and take couple of bestsellers written in English. And read them over the weekend. I could even write some reviews after that. Good idea, don’t you think. At the same time I am going to subscribe to couple of radio stations in English. And that would be enough for the start. Since nobody is going to hear me while reading this blog, I can work on my conversation improvement some time later. Hopefully, results are going to be visible here, in my blog, and you will be the judge.

If you have some other tips which could help me or anybody else to improve their writing skills (in English of course) please write a comment about it.

Thank you all for visiting and until my next post, have a great life.


4 Responses to Improve Your Writing Skills

  1. Based on your blog writing, I would never guess that you are a non-native english speaker. I would like to reccommend a few great American Contemporary Writers for you, including John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemmingway and JD Salinger. They all have short stories at a high school reading level that in addition to providing great exposure to American English will also help you learn some of the historical culture of US literature.

  2. ioncenter says:

    @ Suzanne:

    Thank you very much for these tips and for your support. I admire your work and this means very much to me.

  3. John says:

    Perhaps you might like to contribute to my new blog, which aims to help people like yourself. If you have come across a problem in English grammar or phrasing, leave it as a comment and I will include it in a post that might then help others.

    The blog is at

  4. ioncenter says:

    @ John:

    I sure do. It looks like you are up to this task so you can rely on me with that.

    Anyhow, thanks for dropping by and tend to come back often.

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