You Are Not Alone

Majority of topics about blogging are indicating that most important thing for blog’s success is to keep writing and posting at nearly constant frequency. If you would decrease this frequency or even completely stop to write for longer period of time, you could say goodbye to your blog. I’m sure that you could always get your blog back up and running, but all your previous efforts invested in your blog are going to become wasted.

Now, if you are startup blogger, like I am, and especially if you haven’t spend some time in detailed planning of your blog deployment, like I didn’t, then most likely you will come in situation asking your self “Who do heck is ever going to visit my blog and read this?”. Or “Will I ever get some regular readers?”. Or “Is this worth of doing it?”.

After I wrote my first article, I was looking at its preview and wondering “Now what!? My blog have one article only. I don’t know one single blogger out there whom I could tell about it. I am alone in this Internet space …”. But I didn’t give up. I’ve wrote one more article; then another. Still nothing. I was getting few page views, probably from and digg but that’s all. No comments yet. After fifth article I’ve received first comment. Wow. I got first comment after few days only. Some of you could laugh but I was feeling quite excited. Considering that I didn’t want to use all those available blog submission techniques until I see how my blog would perform without it (except and digg) I’ve found this pretty cool. After all, people have started to notice my blog.

I’ve decided to start with comments. So, I’ve started to visit other blogs and read their posts. If I would find interesting post I would leave a comment. And what started to happen is that people actually were responding to my comments. Not only that, but they have visited my blog and commented on my articles. Wow. More excitement. Things are starting to roll for me. Comparing the situation now and when I have just started my blog, there is a huuuuge difference. Nothing significant you might say. But only 14 days after I’ve started this blog, I have constant number of around 10 visits per day for last 4 days. Comparing to 0 (zero) views at the start this is really something. Beside that, I am starting to feel like a true member of blog community and it’s great.

So, basically, what I am trying to say here, primarily to startup bloggers, is that you are not alone out there. Keep writing. Visit other blogs and leave your comments. Make relationships with other bloggers and nourish those relationships. Add them to your Blogrol section (like I did). Review their blogs.

Results will come eventually. As somebody have said “You need to give if you want to receive”.

It’s time to finish this article. Again, I would like to thank to all of you reading my blog, leaving comments on it or in any other way providing appreciated support to my efforts. If you have any comments please leave them below because they are much appreciated.

Until my next post, have a great life.


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