Why Not Spread Some Blog Love

Ok. I’m in a very good mood today so I’ve decided to spread some love to my readers.

Opposite to what most of bloggers are trying, getting as much traffic as possible, I am going to give some traffic to blogs owned by my visitors. More precisely, anybody who leaves a comment for this specific post will receive following:

1) Review article about their blog in my Blog Love section.

2) Link to their blog in my Blogroll section.

3) Comments for interesting posts I would find in their blog.

4) Submission of most interesting post I would find to del.icio.us and Digg.

5) Some clicks to their advertisements.

I think it should be interesting and most of all it’s free. Actually it’s not really free, you need to leave a comment to get it. 

This is going to be done for every comment found in this post. Please have in mind that I am working alone so don’t be impatient if I wouldn’t respond to your comment immediately, because I assure you I will do that eventually. I don’t expect much visitors and I could do at least a dozen of blogs per day so you shouldn’t really be worried about it.

Enough said. Let’s see what happens. 


One Response to Why Not Spread Some Blog Love

  1. GearedOut says:

    I just started a blog. Check it out and let me know what you think. You can find it at http://www.gearedout.com/wordpress.

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