BlogRush – [Don’t] Give It A Try

UPDATE NOTE: WordPress won’t let you use this or any other widget containing JavaScript in your blog because of security reasons. Full article here. Somebody at BlogRush should mention that somewhere on their website so people wouldn’t waste their time. Very bad practice.

Hi there everybody.

Today I was quite busy with development so I haven’t had much time to work on a new post. I am already exhausted and meant to go to sleep, but then I’ve found this article about BlogRush and decided to stay awake for one more hour (at least).

BlogRush or Blog Syndication Network as they like to call it, based on same principals as many times seen link exchange programs, among few other features is offering additional exposure of your blog’s RSS feed in exchange for displaying their RSS widget on your blog. Plus, you’ll get additional traffic in exchange for exposure of their RSS widget made by referrals you’d forward to their website. More detailed video about their service is available at their website’s main page. Since I have just started my blog I am not refusing any possible way of getting more traffic, so I decided to give it a shot.

First thing to approve is simple and straight forward registration procedure. After few steps, you are ready to roll.

Installation of their service is also quite simple, but I still haven’t managed to activate their widget on this blog. Not sure what’s the reason for that and I am still waiting for response from their customer support. Anyhow, everything on this website is quite simple and easy to understand so I don’t think this should be a big issue. A step-by-step video tutorial for installing a BlogRush with your WordPress blog and few others, is available here.

Their reporting is available only 24-48 hours after installation of their service. Since I’ve just registered with them I can’t tell much more about it.

FAQ section is being prepared (coming soon or even there already at the time you’d be reading this).

All together looks like a prospective thing and I suggest you to give it a try.

That’s it for today. I can’t keep my eyes opened any longer. Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll be coming back in the future.

Please leave your comments because they are much appreciated.

Until next post, have a great life. 


One Response to BlogRush – [Don’t] Give It A Try

  1. areide says:

    thank you. Finally I understand why Blogrush dont work in my Blog, I thought was me doing something wrong, but is just their fault! Thank you

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