Rescued Saturday

Phone is ringing. I am waking up, answering the phone.

“Buddy, are you coming here today I am awaiting for you? ” – says voice on other side.

“Who is this? What time is it?” – I’m still sleepy. It’s Saturday, around 9 AM.

“It’s me, Marco. You were supposed to be here already.” 

Btw, beside my regular job, I am freelance software developer, and Marco is one of my clients. Better said, nightmare of a client. Don’t get me wrong, he is not a bad person, far away from that, but he is very bad as client. How can client be bad? Well, from 100% of total time I’ve spent working with him, 70% of that time were spent while trying to determine what he actually wants. And trust me, it’s not my fault.

I know him for more then three years already, but even for those three years, he didn’t manage to learn some basics about using a PC. On the other hand, he wants to define every finest piece of this software. Imagine how somebody who doesn’t have a clue about it, is compiling detailed requirements for certain application (and it’s not a small one). Far now I’ve figured he is actually afraid he won’t get enough for what he paid for and honestly I hate it. Not because he is like that, than because I am working for man like that. But heck, I’ve already took the money and now I’m stuck with him. So, if you are software developer, choose your clients wisely …

Anyhow, it’s Saturday, he knows I am free from my regular job and now he wants to see me because there is nobody else in this world who knows enough about IT technology and to whom he can trust. Did I forget to mention that this guy actually trust me. When I say he trust me, I don’t just think he trust in words from my mouth, but he has so much confidence in me that he is telling me everything what I should and what I even shouldn’t know. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty honest guy with high morality and I am not jeopardizing him, but it brings another problem to subject. Beside my professional obligation to him, now I feel moral commitment.

“Do you have anything specific in mind, or you would just be glad to have me there?” – hehe. This is his response:

“Not really. I am traveling to another city and I won’t be here all day long. I just wanted to check if you are coming here or not. I have a guy filling some data into our database and I thought it would be good if you would come and help him.” – what you say about that? For those of you who are not familiar with programming, it would be similar to calling a doctor and asking him if he could help your nurse in changing your diapers.

My response is something I’ve learned I must do when he is in question and I won’t explain here how I figured that out, because it’s a long story:

“No. I won’t. I’m am having pretty bad hang over. See you on Monday.” – nailed!

“Hmm. Heck. I thought you were coming… ” – and some mumbling after that. “Ok. If that’s the case, see you on Monday. Bye.”

That’s it. You can’t imagine how many Saturdays, and some Sundays too, I’ve lost with this guy, but not in development than in some stupid meetings while deciding about if it’s better to use, for example, drop down menu or tabbed pages. But, I’ve finally learned that he really isn’t having much trouble as he is saying he is. He’s going to complaint about this on Monday, but heck, he’s complaining about everything, so it won’t make much difference.

I’ve managed to rescue this one. The rest of the day I will spend relaxing with my beautiful wife and our two and a half years old daughter.

Thank you all for visiting and I hope you’ll be coming back.

Please leave your comments because they are much appreciated.

Until my next post, have a great life.


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