It’s My Birthday

September 30, 2007

Today is my 32nd birthday. Geesh… 

What can I say? It’s hard to squeeze 32 years of life into one paragraph, but I don’t want to bother you with common things which most of you had already done and if I would want to tell you about something really interesting from my life, I would write a whole post about it. Considering everything I’ve passed through one can say those years were much interesting. Military high school; air force; a war; leaving military and transforming into civilian; few different jobs while trying to manage on the new ground; teaching kids as most beautiful job I’ve ever had;  marriage; daughter; IT management. And, I’m looking forward to new adventures. Still, I do feel like I’m at 25. Hehe… 

I remember one episode of Friends, when Joey was celebrating his 30te birthday. He was quite screwed with the fact that he is leaving his twenties and entering his thirties.  I don’t even remember how I was feeling at my 30te birthday. Anyhow, today I feel great. I have beautiful wife and three years old daughter and I’m enjoying my life with them. I have best job man could have in this country. I have best boss and best coworkers (trust me when I say so, because I’ve been moving around a lot, meeting all kind of people so I can judge them pretty good). 

There is a lot more left to be done but I’m solving one thing at the time. And I still do things which I was doing in my twenties. Except chasing chicks. But frankly, if I even would do that, I wouldn’t say it here where my wife could read about it, or somebody else who might then tell that to her. 

I’m sorry I can’t offer you with a cake through this blog, but if there is anything else I might do for you, in the spirit of this celebration, please write a comment about it. I will be more then happy to meet your needs (if it’s something that can be done). 

Thanks again for visiting and have a great life. 

P.S. Anybody else celebrating today?


Improve Your Writing Skills

September 28, 2007

No matter at what level your writing skills are, you should always work on their improvement. Especially bloggers, which should consider doing this on an every day basis. Since I want to become a serious blogger this applies for me too. So, I’ve took some time to search the Internet for writing in English improvement tips. And here are the most important I have found:


I believe this one is most important. Read as many English books, newspapers and magazines as you can find. See how famous writers are using English in their writings and learn from them.


Best resources for this, which I could think of, are English-speaking radio stations. You can find a lot of those on Internet and listen to them for free.


Talk to friends who are also learning English. Find native English-speaking people who will give you conversation practice. Talk to tape or voice recorder and then listen your performance. This way you could easily notice and correct your pronunciation.


I find this most important so I couldn’t resist to mention it one more time.

Also recommended but requires that you leave your desk:

No time to loose, so I am going to follow these tips immediately. As you probably expect, first thing I am going to do tomorrow is to visit the library and take couple of bestsellers written in English. And read them over the weekend. I could even write some reviews after that. Good idea, don’t you think. At the same time I am going to subscribe to couple of radio stations in English. And that would be enough for the start. Since nobody is going to hear me while reading this blog, I can work on my conversation improvement some time later. Hopefully, results are going to be visible here, in my blog, and you will be the judge.

If you have some other tips which could help me or anybody else to improve their writing skills (in English of course) please write a comment about it.

Thank you all for visiting and until my next post, have a great life.

You Are Not Alone

September 27, 2007

Majority of topics about blogging are indicating that most important thing for blog’s success is to keep writing and posting at nearly constant frequency. If you would decrease this frequency or even completely stop to write for longer period of time, you could say goodbye to your blog. I’m sure that you could always get your blog back up and running, but all your previous efforts invested in your blog are going to become wasted.

Now, if you are startup blogger, like I am, and especially if you haven’t spend some time in detailed planning of your blog deployment, like I didn’t, then most likely you will come in situation asking your self “Who do heck is ever going to visit my blog and read this?”. Or “Will I ever get some regular readers?”. Or “Is this worth of doing it?”.

After I wrote my first article, I was looking at its preview and wondering “Now what!? My blog have one article only. I don’t know one single blogger out there whom I could tell about it. I am alone in this Internet space …”. But I didn’t give up. I’ve wrote one more article; then another. Still nothing. I was getting few page views, probably from and digg but that’s all. No comments yet. After fifth article I’ve received first comment. Wow. I got first comment after few days only. Some of you could laugh but I was feeling quite excited. Considering that I didn’t want to use all those available blog submission techniques until I see how my blog would perform without it (except and digg) I’ve found this pretty cool. After all, people have started to notice my blog.

I’ve decided to start with comments. So, I’ve started to visit other blogs and read their posts. If I would find interesting post I would leave a comment. And what started to happen is that people actually were responding to my comments. Not only that, but they have visited my blog and commented on my articles. Wow. More excitement. Things are starting to roll for me. Comparing the situation now and when I have just started my blog, there is a huuuuge difference. Nothing significant you might say. But only 14 days after I’ve started this blog, I have constant number of around 10 visits per day for last 4 days. Comparing to 0 (zero) views at the start this is really something. Beside that, I am starting to feel like a true member of blog community and it’s great.

So, basically, what I am trying to say here, primarily to startup bloggers, is that you are not alone out there. Keep writing. Visit other blogs and leave your comments. Make relationships with other bloggers and nourish those relationships. Add them to your Blogrol section (like I did). Review their blogs.

Results will come eventually. As somebody have said “You need to give if you want to receive”.

It’s time to finish this article. Again, I would like to thank to all of you reading my blog, leaving comments on it or in any other way providing appreciated support to my efforts. If you have any comments please leave them below because they are much appreciated.

Until my next post, have a great life.

Another Experiment

September 25, 2007

Last few days I’m kind of drained out with ideas and I am spending most of the time checking what other bloggers are writing. On the other hand, I’m in the very good mood and have feeling of quiet rush, like lull before the storm, so don’t be surprised if this blog would spit out some pretty cool articles in the near future. Yes, I don’t think that existing posts are cool. It’s probably because I’ve started this blog without any planning, than simply, sat down and started to write. Now I’m not sure in which direction to go, but don’t be worried, as always in my life, I will find that direction soon.

Anyhow, tonight I was checking as usual and it drove me to Ben Cook’s Blogging Experiment. I am new to blogging and this is just a second website like this I’ve had run into it. But I’m pretty sure there is a whole bunch of these so called experiments, when people are trying to make money from blogging by telling others they want to do it and then expecting their participation.

Don’t get me wrong, I support their efforts and I will support every other similar experiment I would spot in the future. Probably as most of you, I am also curious if these experiments actually are going to bring some money. I am even thinking to start one on my own, alongside with this blog. If comparing them with common bloggers, like me, I would say that they are much more sincere, because they are frank with their intentions. They want to make money from blogging and that’s it. And they even admit that we shouldn’t expect some high quality content in their blogs. I don’t dare to write something like that in my blog, because honestly, deep down inside, I hope that someone, someday, will say great things about it.

Opposite to what Ben Cook says in About page, that we shouldn’t really listen to him, his Blogging Experiment contains some cool articles about blogging and newbie like I am will find useful guidelines over there. So don’t be afraid to pay him a visit. Don’t forget to leave a comment and to click some ads. After all, his main goal is to make money with that blog.

And for Ben, keep up the good work. I’m sure you’ll succeed.

That would be all for tonight. Please leave your comments because they are much appreciated.

Until my next post, have a great life.  

Got Back After A Three Days Trip

September 21, 2007

I’m feeling very tired while typing this, cause it’s been only 15 minutes after I’ve got back from a three days trip, so forgive me if I write something stupid. I know. I haven’t written anything for last two days. I’m guilty. I admit. And I’m sorry. I apologize to all of you.

The reason for this is visit to one of my best friends. Although some people will say that you can have only one best friend I still claim I have few of them. Our friendship originates back from the high Scholl. Back then, we were doing everything together from studying to drinking, chasing chicks and getting into fights. We were young and really nasty. And very popular. I really love this guy; he’s like brother to me. Now, he lives about 300 miles away from me and I’ve had to take this mini vacation in order to make this visit. I’ve spent two days in packing, unpacking, driving and have had only one whole day for spending time with him and his family. So, I really wasn’t in situation to do any writing. Anyhow, his family is great. He has beautiful wife and five years old son and they are doing fine what makes me happy. I’ve had great time and I can’t wait to see them again. Probably at the New Year’s Eve.

It has been enjoyable trip, I’ve refilled my batteries and I promise I’ll use that energy to make this blog more interesting in the future. Starting from tomorrow because I am barely keeping my eyes open at the moment. And while waiting for my next real post, you could check some of these good articles: 

Getting to Now: How to Beat the Procrastination Habit

4 Simple Steps to Start the Exercise Habit

How to Explain delicious to Your Parents


Thanks again for visiting and please leave your comments cause they are much appreciated.

Until my next post, have a great life.

GearedOut Blog – Man With The Mission

September 18, 2007

Looks like we have a first Blog Love member. It’s GearedOut Blog – Man With The Mission, how I like to call it.

As promised, I’ve made a visit to this blog and read all of its articles. Yes, all of it, but not because I am super fast reader than because this is just a startup blog and there were only three posts at the time of writing this article. Site is running on WordPress and it looks pretty good (as it should be).

It’s hard to judge its content because there is very few of it. Posts could have been written as longer, but anyhow, their point is pretty much clear. As already said, I’ve appended its title with a Man With The Mission, because two of those three posts are aimed at some major global issues and they show some good criticism. I won’t describe here what they are all about, because if you are interested you’ll visit them by your self.

Blog has real domain name what already makes it standing out of a crowd of wordpress, blogger and other subdomained blogs (like mine). Small amount of advertisements is showing that this blog is intended for blogging not just making money online in any possible way.

So, if I would need to estimate it, in a scale from 1 – 10, for startup blog, I would give it 8. And I wish a success to their blog.

That would be all folks.

If you have any comments please leave them below.

Thanks again for visiting and have a great life.

Why Not Spread Some Blog Love

September 17, 2007

Ok. I’m in a very good mood today so I’ve decided to spread some love to my readers.

Opposite to what most of bloggers are trying, getting as much traffic as possible, I am going to give some traffic to blogs owned by my visitors. More precisely, anybody who leaves a comment for this specific post will receive following:

1) Review article about their blog in my Blog Love section.

2) Link to their blog in my Blogroll section.

3) Comments for interesting posts I would find in their blog.

4) Submission of most interesting post I would find to and Digg.

5) Some clicks to their advertisements.

I think it should be interesting and most of all it’s free. Actually it’s not really free, you need to leave a comment to get it. 

This is going to be done for every comment found in this post. Please have in mind that I am working alone so don’t be impatient if I wouldn’t respond to your comment immediately, because I assure you I will do that eventually. I don’t expect much visitors and I could do at least a dozen of blogs per day so you shouldn’t really be worried about it.

Enough said. Let’s see what happens.